All accommodations feature 24 hour music, daily housekeeping, heating, air-conditioning, and ceiling fans for your pet's comfort. We provide a soft warm bedding, we welcome you to bring anything soft and warm from home that will provide this secure reference point. A bed is an important part of your dog's surroundings and provides a sense of territory and refuge.

Tuscarora's "Country Club for Dog" has 24 hour on premise security. We provide professional care and monitoring while keeping a log of our quests activities.

Our guests enjoy the 8000 sq. ft. of play arena twice daily with a variety of toys. This is monitored playtime by our professional caretakers.

We offer walks, extra playtime, medication administered, special meals and toys, and much more. Please see our special services available to Fido during the visit.

Fido hates to be left home alone and you can't find a dog-walker, sign Fido up for day camp. Tuscarora's "Country Club for Dogs" has several options for dogs not staying overnight in the suites. Professional supervisors ensure their safety and lots of playtime. Day care includes indoor/outdoor play, relief walks, snack, and rest time.
Individual dogs can vary in the way they metabolize dog food. Pick one food and stay with it. Avoid sudden dietary changes and additions, because this can change the consistency of the stool and increase the dog's need to defecate. Remember, "If something works, don't fix it!
We will gladly provide our food to any who request a change in their pets diet.
For a minimal fee, we shall serve specially requested foods and snacks purchased by or brought by the owner. Please see our special services available to Fido during the visit.


Reservations are required. We keep a waiting list, don't hesitate to call in the event we do have a last minute cancellation. REQUIRED: RABIES, PARVO and BORDATELLA Make sure we have all the necessary forms, current address, phone numbers along with your daily nutrition and fitness routine.
Go Straight to Making a Reservation

If you already have enough information, please proceed to reservations.