We accommodate cats from tiny kittens to cats in their golden years. We are happy to address any individual needs such as special handling, socialization, stress and administering medication.  
We are aware cats can become very frightened when away from home. We provide a low stress environment to make their vacation a comfortable and playful place for Fluffy. Fluffy, will enjoy the scratching posts, hanging toys and a variety of mice and jingle balls.
For the cats that purr for human attention we will be there for them to cuddle up to whenever they please. To help with hairball problems we offer a daily combing and fluff for the lovely...
We will arrange for Fluffy to visit with her buddy Fido if instructed to help with any insecurities. No request is ever too large to accommodate Fluffy. We want Fluffy to have as much attention and fun as her buddy Fido.
Tuscarora's "Country Club for Dogs" has 24 hour on premise security. We provide professional care and monitoring while keeping a log of our quests activities.
Reservations are required. We keep a waiting list, don't hesitate to call in the event we do have a last minute cancellation. REQUIRED: RABIES and FVRCP Make sure we have all the necessary forms, current address, phone numbers along with your daily nutrition and fitness routine.
Go Straight to Making a Reservation

If you already have enough information, please proceed to reservations.