Dog Services, Boarding and Grooming
No Request is Too Large
Transportation Service
Tuscarora is offers a doggy pick-up and/or return doggy delivery service with our customized vehicle. Experienced dog handlers from the Tuscarora staff will drive the vehicle. Service areas include: Concord, Kannapolis, and the greater Charlotte area.
Motorized Buggy Rides
We are now offering motorized ‘Doggy Buggy’ rides around the beautiful Tuscarora nature trail. Older dogs, that have trouble walking any distance, will now be able to enjoy the Tuscarora outdoor experience with an uplifting ride around the property in our new motorized ‘Doggy Buggy’. The groomed trail winds along Little Buffalo Creek, through a canopy of mature oak and elm trees.

Snacks and Special Meals
If Fido requires special meals and needs, we happily serve your special food from home. Please bring a doggy bag with enough for Fido's stay. We also provide diet-special and comfort snacks at your request. If you forget to pack Fido's doggie bag, we shall make every attempt to match Fido's dietary needs. Please be sure we are well informed on Fido's special needs.

Our staff will administer pills and medical treatments.

Enjoy the miles of beautiful trails dedicated to making this a recreational highlight of a stay.

We offer a one-mile stroll, the enchanted wilderness trail along "Little Buffalo Creek". Our guests enjoy this incredible journey, wading and splashing on the weary paws is delightful!

We offer a host of outdoor activities for guests to enjoy while vacationing including tug-of-war, golf, tennis, soccer, Frisbee, and basketball.

Keeping fit is important to staying healthy and alert. Extra exercise is always a good idea for the canine that needs to shed a few pounds. Biking, a wonderful exercise for some while others may rather see the sights and smell the fresh air. No request is too large for our guests...

Playtimes are always available for games or just lots of tickles on the tummy.

Individual or group play time with a variety of toys and story telling. Group play behavior observed and controlled by experienced caretakers. This is an opportunity for the young to develop a pleasant social behavior.

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